Fractal DreamsYou can get a 2014 calendar anywhere...
BUT will it have the important holidays in it?
Such as Talk Like A Pirate Day?
Or No Socks Day?
Or Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day?

Hi, I'm Kimmer Sue with Fractal Dreams, a graphic design firm with a sincere desire to help the world celebrate. I've put together a calendar that will keep you celbrating all next year. It has over 1000 real holidays and 13 gorgeous pictures, created by yours truly, that are serious eye candy.

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2013 Fractal Dreams calendar cover
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Kimmer Sue

I'm sure you're going to be as excited as I am about our 2014 Holiday Calendar. Remember, in addition to the calendar you get great savings on graphic design and printing from Fractal Dreams as well as a Brand Consultation with me.

And for additional savings... Send me a picture of how you celebrated Rubber Duckie Day
(it's January 13th) that includes my calendar and I will send you another
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Kimmer Sue