Kimmer Sue's Creations
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A simple flyer is sometimes the best way to get your marketing idea across. They can also be used as small posters. A common strategy for kids in school. Also used in door-to-door canvassing.
Here are a few samples. Please click on the images to see more detail.

A1Poolflysm BayWideflysm Biotechflysm CardMateflysm Cedarflysm CoinMech2flysm
CoinMech3flysm Cornerstoneflysm GameOn2flysm GameOn1flysm HalfMoonflysm InstySpecialflysm
InstyFoldflysm InstyJulyflysm InstyNewYearflysm InstyStationflysm InstyWhiteflysm InstyXmasflysm
ISUflysm Jamaica1flysm JamaicaOchoflysm JamaicaReggaeflysm JamaicaValentineflysm LA-JAflysm
MysticPrintflysm Nandanflysm Prestigeflysm SDRflysm Singlesflysm CasaMananaflysm
    MMSwapflysm MilanoPizzaflysm