Kimmer Sue's Creations
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A logo is the first thing every new entrepreneur thinks of. Or so it seems. We all know how powerful it is to have a graphic representation of who we are to present to the world. Everyone knows the importance of 'branding'. And branding is not possible without a logo. So I sit with my customers and get a feel for who they are and what they do. And, more importantly, trying to find out what they see of themselves.
I have started from scratch or simply tweeked a logo that already existed. The most important thing I do for clients concerning logos is to make them feel that the logo IS them.
So here are a few of the logos I've created over the years. Please click on the images for more detail.

ABClogosm AirTranslogosm Avenuelogosm Beanslogosm BrianKlogosm Clownylogosm
CVDglogosm CVDrlogosm Cornerstonelogosm Curiselogosm DelContelogosm WANlogosm
GWClogosm HipHeartlogosm J&Jlogosm JohnnyYlogosm Kilowatlogosm MarkMlogosm
MoliGlogosm Irislogosm Morselogosm Mountainlogooldsm MysticPrintlogosm Nandanlogosm
Napolilogosm Pencillogosm Planetlogosm POMlogosm Schneiderlogosm StraightUplogosm
T&Clogosm Courtyardlogosm Thorntonlogosm TriCitylogosm UCParalogosm UpShotslogosm
  HOPOAlogosm ViaSalatalogosm WeAppreciatelogosm