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Kimmer Sue

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Fractal Dreams is where I can be reached full-time these days.

This site is a collection of sample images representing some of the things I've created over the years.
Some are simple and some are complicated. Most have been fun.
Some sinfully fun.

Please click on all the images throughout the site to see more detail.


Great website, colorful, eye catching and easy to read.  For those of you that have not worked with Kim, you are missing the experience of your life.  She is honest, smart, creative and sensitive.
I've worked with her for 8 years creating a 175 page convention book, 81/2 by 11.  It gets better and better each year.   I simply give her the theme of the convention and she comes up with these amazing covers.    She can take a simple photo and scribbled words and create a winning page.  Call her, you won't be sorry. 
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